The Minima Guide to Launching Your Site

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The Minima Guide to Launching Your Website provides you with the insights, tools and checklists that I've developed and refined over the last 10 years of launching and managing hundreds of websites.

Never-ending tasks, to-do lists and ever-looming deadlines. The desire to get a site up and out there can make it easy to miss critical steps of the process.

That's why I've created the Minima Guide to Launching Your Website.

This 81 page digital guidebook features 11 robust chapters with content specific checklists to cover every feature of your site. 

Each chapter features detailed checklists that I’ve created from years of experience. 

  • Chapter 1: Getting Started
  • Chapter 2: Site Settings
  • Chapter 3: Site Security
  • Chapter 4: Design + Content 
  • Chapter 5: E-commerce 
  • Chapter 6: Communications
  • Chapter 7: Testing
  • Chapter 8: Site Speed
  • Chapter 9: Launching
  • Chapter 10: Beyond the Launch
  • Chapter 11: Master Checklists

Plus a Bonus Resource Section:

The best tools and people I recommend to get the job done right. I’ve featured some of my favorite resources to help you get your site up the right way (and where to get help when you need it!)

Whether you’re working on a brand new site or renovating an old one, this guide is perfect for site owners, designers, developers, virtual assistants and anyone involved in running a website.

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The Minima Guide to Launching Your Site

9 ratings